Gifts for yourself and your loved ones from quality epoxy resin

Hello my Dear Visitors.

My name is Viola Saldava, I have been living in England for 15 years. I really like children because I can work with them a lot. And when working with children, you always feel new. That's why I work as a babysitter both in Latvia and here. And that's why I always like to learn samting new. And it doesn't matter that you will be 60 right now, it is never too late to learn. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was more free time and the opportunity to learn something new. So in 2020 I completed a discourse course - Epoxy Resin Pro. And I found a wonderful hobby - casting Epoxy resin.I get a lot of joy and energy while creating my work.The end result inspires the next work. When I see the joy and enthusiasm of the buyer for the purchased item, I am very satisfied with the work and time I have put in. And your joy gives me strength and inspiration to move forward.

I will be very happy and grateful if you leave your suggestions, wishes or criticisms.


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